DIFNA is an online movement that includes aspects of Diet, Info, Fitness, Nutrition,…all without being afraid of a little Attitude.  The DIFNA movement is all about healthy lifestyles and achieving goals.

As far as the Attitude goes, we’re not about unnecessary niceties and false hope.  We appreciate straight forward approaches that tell it like it is and won’t sugarcoat anything.  We know many people have body types that they strive to emulate – here at DIFNA we appreciate those bodies that “set the bar” so to speak; in other words we won’t be afraid to showcase a nice ass in a tiny bikini because someone might be offended….DIFNA apprecaites the human body.

As far as fitness, we won’t shy away from a graphic that instructs you to stop being lazy and get off your couch and make a difference….motivation comes in many forms.  We hope to provide all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle and we hope you find information and motivation on our page.

Welcome to the DIFNA movement.