Official Launch of Difna Fitness Youtube Channel!

Hi guys!  Just wanted to give you all an update here on the site; I’ve had so much fun getting my social media pages set up over the past month and already talking to many of you during that time!  Now I’ve decided I’m taking things to the next level by launching my own Youtube channel!

I’ve started things off here by sharing with you some diet and fitness articles like the fitness benefits of basic push ups, how to do push ups at home correctly with proper form to avoid shoulder injury (guess I love push ups :), fitness benefits of brain boosting nootropics supplements, and how you should try eating oatmeal to lose weight. You’ll also see me write some more fun topics such as The Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants with Healthy Food Options, and How Celebrity Moms Lose Baby Weight Fast. While I’ve enjoyed writing about these topics, I’ve never been much for video or pics of myself.

I’m normally quite shy but I’ve learned to open up much more in the past couple of months and am excited to talk to even more of you about fitness and health!  Right now I’ve only posted some introductory Youtube videos but I would love to hear your feedback on what you think my channel should feature!  I already have Q and A sessions in mind where I will answer your questions on Twitter and Facebook, and possibly video demonstrations of exercises I’m trying to perfect, but I would love to hear your ideas as well as I hope to really make my Difna Fitness channel a great one!

So below is my very first video where I just wanted to say hi to you guys, hope you all will check it out and subscribe!

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