5 Celebrity Moms That Lost Their Baby Weight Fast!

The battle for women to lose excess weight after having a baby has been an ongoing struggle that doesn’t really have an easy solution ; it’s not uncommon to hear a woman claim that having a baby “wrecked” their body or that it’s simply impossible to regain their figure as if having a baby puts on permanent weight that cannot be lost.  Many mothers-to-be consider pregnancy to be a “free pass” to indulge in every food in sight since they are “supposed to eat,” and that thought process is a big part of the problem.

Today we’re taking a look at 5 celebrity moms that proved having a baby isn’t the end of your hot body, and some of them actually got their bodies back in a shocking amount of time.  Sure you can say some have personal trainers etc., but the fact remains that they had to bust their ass to put in work both after and even BEFORE their baby’s birth.  So if you moms-to-be or new moms need a little motivation, these ladies might be who you want to look to:

Beyonce Post-Baby Body5. Beyoncé – Beyoncé obviously makes no bones about the work ethic she puts into her music and performances so it’s no surprise she made our list of moms that got their body back quick, not to mention back to touring and releasing new music as well.  After a 50 pound weight gain after having baby Blue Ivy with Jay Z, Beyoncé obviously put the work in to get her figure back and she couldn’t wait to show off her post-baby figure in the music videos that accompanied her surprise album release last year.  Beyoncé has never been afraid of her curves, and that fact remains true as her curvaceous body remains hot and fit at that.

4. Fergie – The red-hot Black Eyed Peas and solo performer had her first child in her late 30s, but that fact did not hold her back from getting her killer bod back in no time after having son Axl Jack.  Fergie has appeared in numerous fitness magazines over the years, and her body has always been an eye catcher during her performances, but having a baby is of course an all new challenge for any first time mom. Fergie revealed to ABC News that she took part in a wide variety of physical activities to achieve her weight loss goals – a lot of activity is a big key!  Fergie was undoubtedly ready to show new moms how it’s done, as evident in this Calvin Klein ad that was shot 6 months, yes 6 MONTHS after Fergie gave birth!  Want to talk about motivation?  Fergie has some for you:

Trish Stratus Fit3. Trish Stratus – This WWE Hall of Famer turned Yoga expert might not be that big of a surprise being she’s been known for her fitness even prior to her WWE days when she worked as a model.  The big detail here is that Stratus gained a mere 18 pounds during her pregnancy!  So what’s her secret?  Stratus gave herself the challenge of doing 100 squats a day throughout her pregnancy which undoubtedly helped her body get right back into shape.  In no time Trish was back to doing her full workout routine, and was even ready to take on another movie role in the upcoming action film “Gridlocked.”  Keep in mind Trish is also in her late 30s….we think she could still pass for late 20s!

Pink's Abs2. Pink – Anyone that has attended Pink’s worldwide “Truth About Love Tour” in the past couple of years has undoubtedly taken one look at her abs and thought “she had a baby HOW long ago?!”  Pink isn’t all about just LOOKING ripped either; during her shows she spends a considerable amount of time flying through the air and doing acrobatics that only someone in the proper shape could do.  Pink admits to gaining 60 pounds during her pregnancy after going a little overboard on the cheesecake, but she’s another woman who isn’t afraid to put in the work necessary to get back her absolutely killer bod that is the fitness inspiration for so many!  Pink also wasn’t afraid to enlist a little help as she had the one and only Jillian Michaels as her personal trainer – sounds like seeing a personal trainer if possible isn’t a bad idea post-pregnancy!

Gisele Bundchen Hot Mom1. Gisele Bundchen – Last but certainly not least, Gisele Bundchen makes our list due to the fact that she has probably dropped the most jaws with her post-baby weight loss.  Again, many may say she’s a model and they have more access to weight loss tools/trainers etc., but Gisele Bundchen has had two kids and appeared to be back to her normal bikini form within TWO months…that doesn’t happen without work.  While two months is an astounding feat for any woman, Gisele really has sound advice as to how to accomplish this: don’t turn you’re body into a dumpster!  As we mentioned before, pregnancy isn’t a free pass to wolf down all the cake and doughnuts you can stuff in your stomach, but rather a time when nutrition plays a key role in both mother and baby’s health.  Gisele ate right and stayed active, and the results were astounding.  Gisele Bundchen is living proof that having a baby isn’t a death sentence for one’s figure!

The lesson here is that you can get back in shape (and maybe even better shape) after having a baby as long as you have the right attitude and are willing to put in the work.  With the combination of plenty of physical activity and proper diet, you too can be in shape and as hot as these amazing celebrity moms!

There are many more hot celeb moms out there, who would you add to our list?

Addition: After this article was written, TNA Wrestling Knockout Christy Hemme looked like THIS just ELEVEN days after having her child! Freaking amazing!

Full pic on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492651646715096706/

celebrity moms lose weight fast

Christy Hemme only 11 days after giving birth!

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