Think You’re Ready to Date a Fit Girl? You Might Want to Read This First!

DIFNA Fit Girl

So you’ve got your eye on a girl who obviously puts her time in at the gym; you’re already imagining the pride you’ll feel as this fit hottie is on your arm and everyone around you obviously notices that she does the work required to look this good.  Sure you might gather up the nerve to approach the girl, and hey maybe you’ll even be lucky enough for her to give you the time of day….but are you really prepared to take on being a part of her fit lifestyle if things take the next step?

This great article on really got us thinking about what it really takes to make a “fit relationship” (so to speak) really work.  After all, if the fit girl you are interested in has a lifestyle that totally clashes with yours, how do you think that’s going to go?  Let’s say your ready to be out on the town just about every night hitting bars and living the life with your hot lady….until you realize she’s on a strict schedule with workouts or classes and that takes priority – are you cool with it?

Same goes for her eating habits; to look super fit and keep that body toned, a proper eating plan is in order as well which could mean planned out meals, being particular about what she eats at certain times of the day, and maybe even making you feel awkward as you choose that double burger while she takes the smart route with a salad and protein filled meal.  Then when your dinner date is over her idea of a hot time afterward may involve a late night work out, and she may feel like there isn’t a more loving gesture than you joining right alongside her in the gym.

All of this goes back to the DIFNA Attitude and many of the fit ladies definitely have it; they’re willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve their goals and are dedicated enough to not cut corners.  If you’re actually looking for someone like that to help keep yourself in line and maybe even up your own game, you may be ready to date a fit girl with the DIFNA Attitude….if not and you feel that you would constantly be worrying about how your girl outperforms you in the gym (and looks better because of it,) trying to get that fit hottie’s attention may not be the best idea after all.

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