7-Eleven….Your Local Health Food Store?!

7-Elevel Health Food

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about 7-Eleven convenience stores?  For me, fun childhood memories of Slurpees, arcade games (yes they used to have those back then) and an endless supply of candy and junk food that most children in the 80s experienced come to mind.

Over the years the store has changed and has usually had somewhat healthier food options available to customers that were at least better than the usual hot dog/taquito type fare that is also available; when news broke last week that 7-Eleven would be partnering with P90X creator Tony Horton to introduce a new nutritionally balance line of food, we were taken aback to say the least.

Could we really be seeing fresh pressed juice and even quinoa offered in 7-Elevel stores soon?  The answer is “yes” as this yahoo.com article revealed that the health food line is already available in Los Angles as a “test run” of sorts, so we’re guessing the  line will expand if it succeeds in L.A.

The food itself appears to include two sandwiches, two wraps, and two salads as well as the juice options – the calorie count averages at around 360, which isn’t a number we would have ever expected to walk out of a convenience store with.

What it comes down to is that the industry is realizing that healthier options are in demand; people are becoming educated about what they are eating and what ingredients they need to avoid.  Stores like 7-Eleven are taking notice that customers are buying different items and making adjustment to suit their demand.  It’s really good to know that healthy food options will soon be at your neighborhood convenience stores, and overall it’s slowly becoming easier to obtain healthier food now that the industry is taking notice of the demand.

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