Have You Gone Gluten-Free for All the Wrong Reasons?

Reasons for Gluten FreeHey guys, today I wanted to share a bit of information I’ve been reading over and maybe even get your opinions as well; of course we’ve all heard of going gluten-free and it’s definitely something that now has a huge presence in the nutrition world, but it seems that going gluten-free  isn’t necessarily an answer to every healthy problem as some people seem to think.

My main issue here is trying to figure out whether going gluten-free is a smart nutrition choice for everyone or only those with health conditions such as gluten sensitivity or even Celiac Disease?  It seems many people assume that they have such conditions just because they have a stomach ache or don’t feel good in general; I’ve even heard a friend say “I think I’m gluten sensitive” after noting that most food hadn’t agreed with her lately.

This recent article in Women’s Health Magazine pointed out that people who suspect they may have a gluten related condition should definitely be checked by a doctor rather than self-diagnosing because their problems could be related to a totally different condition that can’t be fixed by simply going gluten-free.

On the other side I’ve read many opinions that state gluten is unhealthy for everyone and we should all be eating gluten-free regardless.  One such source is the Wheat Belly Diet, a book that has been popular for quite some time now that explains why gluten is bad and pretty much toxic for our bodies.

So basically, are you going gluten-free because you believe it’s a healthy nutrition choice or are you trying to address a health issue you may or may not have?  If it’s the latter, getting a doctor’s opinion complete with the proper tests is the best route you can take.  As always, I would like to hear your opinions on the gluten-free issue and if you feel gluten is something that should be left out of a healthy nutrition plan regardless.

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